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Dental implants of the innovative development "seminar successfully concluded

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June 23, by the China Society of Biomaterials Medical Metal Materials Branch, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Cixi application technology research and industrialization center, Cixi City Science and Technology Association, my company to participate in the co-organized "dental implants of innovation and development" seminar Cixi held. Zhejiang Province Food and Drug Administration, Zhejiang Medical Device Evaluation Center, Ningbo City Science and Technology Bureau, Ningbo City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of silicate, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo Institute of Materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences Advanced Technology Research Institute, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Affiliated Ninth People's Hospital, Hong Kong University, South China University of Technology, Southwest Jiaotong University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Tongji University Affiliated Oriental Hospital and other units a total of more than 30 experts attended the seminar. Vice President of Cixi Science and Technology Association Yu Kona attended the meeting and delivered a warm welcome to the experts who attended the symposium.

▲Cixi City Science and Technology Association Yu Kona Vice President attended and addressed

At the symposium, Professor Lai Hongchang from the Ninth People's Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University and Professor Zhao Shifang of the Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of Zhejiang University were "Market Status of Dental Materials and Devices in China" and "Oral Planting Research under the Guidance of Clinical Demand" Special report, the two experts systematically elaborated in the field of dental research and the status quo, pointed out that the localization of medical equipment long way to go, but insisted on innovation will certainly achieve good development.

▲Shanghai Ninth People 's Hospital Professor Lai Hongchang for the report

▲Zhejiang University Medical Department attached to the oral hospital Professor Zhao Shifang for the report

Free discussion, the Eastern Hospital of Professor Huang Yuanliang first speech, as a doctor to explore China's dental implants and equipment in the study of confusion。

Oriental Hospital Professor Huang Yuanliang

After the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yang Ke researcher, Professor Chen Xiaofeng of South China University of Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen Institute of Technology Pan Haobo researcher from the perspective of materials scientists described in China's dental materials related research progress, but also expressed the material to the equipment In the process of approval and the problems encountered in the market.

In response to the questions raised, the provincial and municipal bureau of the relevant review experts also gave the corresponding response, and from a professional point of view of the relevant national policies and regulations. The symposium of the meeting was warm, and the seminar was organized to stimulate the enthusiasm of the participants' speeches, deepen the depth and breadth of the discussion, and constantly integrate their views to form new knowledge.

▲Provincial and municipal bureau relevant review experts to interpret the relevant national policies and regulations

At the end of the meeting, the general manager of our company Xu Zhongmian to speak as an entrepreneur, thank the participants to visit the guidance, pointed out that the company's development is inseparable from the scientists and the government's inspiration and help, it is and Zhejiang University School of Medicine Led to the advent of ZDI dental implants products; also shows that the company will adhere to innovation, research and development of new products on the road to continue to meet new partners; companies need to do a better job in the market, domestic medical equipment for the health of the people and the national economy Make due contributions.